Labor Law and Migration

Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados has extensive experience in advising companies subject to the general labor regime for private activity and special labor regimes.

We provide our clients with permanent legal advice on the hiring of personnel, preparation of employment contracts, agreements, conventions, policies, and manuals, advising on the adequacy of labor documents according to our local legislation; and on all aspects in managing labor relations. Our labor practice is very experienced in resolving all queries related to the individual and collective labor relations of our clients with their workers to develop highly efficient decisions in managing of their personnel.

We advise our clients in the preparation, implementation and management of labor intermediation contracts and outsourcing services contracts, as well as all productive decentralization processes.

Likewise, we develop labor prevention programs, to verify the actions of employing entities are in accordance with the labor, tax, social security, and occupational health and safety provisions, as well as in planning the adoption of measures for the correction or improvement of policies. We also provide training to our clients on various labor issues, including mandatory training on the prevention and punishment of sexual harassment in the workplace.

Our experience also includes the representation and sponsorship of our clients in collective negotiations and labor arbitrations, as well as in inspection procedures, administrative procedures, and labor judicial processes.

Additionally, we assist our clients in legal matters on the implementation and compliance with workplace health and safety, as well as all corresponding business responsibilities.

In immigration matters, we offer permanent legal advice throughout all stages of the hiring process of foreign workers in Peru. Our advice ranges from the determination of migratory qualifications and visas, preparation of employment contracts, determination of applicable working conditions, validity of residences, procedures for leaving the country, as well as any procedure for the peaceful residence of the foreign worker and their family in Peru.

“They have a highly developed business acumen and understand our company and the industry’s dynamic, tailoring their advice accordingly.”

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