New Technologies and Digital Assets

Our attorneys have extensive experience in providing legal services and advice on issues related to technology, the digital economy, and digital assets. We have a deep understanding of the regulatory aspects, as well as of the different challenges at the corporate, tax, intellectual property, competition and consumer protection levels and we have therefore managed to successfully advise multiple national and international companies on matters relating to artificial intelligence, blockchain, crypto assets, digital transactions, robotics, technology transfer, e-commerce, software, digital applications, big data, internet of things, and digital platforms, among others. Likewise, we have extensive experience in the analysis of new local and global trends and challenges, anticipating their possible consequences on local agents.

Our spectrum of clients in this area ranges from start-ups that have successfully entered the market, to the largest global conglomerates that have generated new trends and are pioneers in opening new markets and opportunities in Peru. Our experience in the analysis and evaluation of critical issues related to our clients’ businesses allows us to anticipate the possible challenges and to provide innovative and creative solutions.

“Not only guiding us through each part of the legal process with a lot of efficiency, but also supporting us in other areas such as collecting and analysing information”.

Chambers Latin America 2022


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