Financial Services and Fintech

Our financial services team regularly advises local and foreign financial institutions (from banks to smaller entities that do not raise funds from the general public), on activities planned or carried out in Peru. We provide advice on all relevant matters for financial institutions under supervision, including banking regulations, the incorporation and reorganization of financial services providers, mergers and acquisitions involving financial institutions, licensing, futures and derivatives, and investigations and sanctioning procedures, among others.  We are experienced in handling complex financial products and structures, and we regularly interact with the relevant regulatory authorities, such as the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP and the Central Bank of Peru.

Likewise, we have extensive experience in providing advice on new financial technologies, advising Fintech companies and startups on establishing presence in Peru or providing their financial services to persons located in Peru. We provide solid and sound advice to our Fintech clients, based on existing regulations, while developing solutions or suggesting alternative structures to navigate through potential regulatory restrictions, in order to keep up with new technological realities.

We also work side-by-side with attorneys from the firm’s multiple practice areas on matters involving financial crimes, recovery and collection, data protection, financial consumer protection, compliance and AML, among others. This allows us to provide a cross-disciplinary approach to our legal services, aimed at covering our clients’ specific needs.


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