Volunteer work

Since its creation, PRCP has participated and led volunteer and social action initiatives, both independently and in collaboration with other organizations, in carrying out various projects in different regions of the country. Highlights include the reconstruction of homes and a school in the community of San Matías in Chincha, both destroyed by the earthquake that devastated the area in 2007; prevention and health campaigns aimed at the populations of Facuyuta, Anansaya Puna, Salkacancha Bolognesi and Moroccoire in Puno, after the cold weather; improvement of the facilities of the Honguito educational center in Cangallo, Ayacucho; improvement of conditions in an educational center in Pichacani, Puno; reconstruction of roofs destroyed as a result of the rains in Ancash; construction of a shelter in Shilla, Ancash; Christmas campaigns in Pamploma and Lima; among other.