Our commitment to integrity

At PRCP we have a firm commitment to conduct our legal practice with honesty, transparency and integrity, and we expect that all PRCP members behave in the same way.

As participants of the legal and judicial system, we recognize the importance that acting with integrity, transparency and honesty has for its correct functioning, being this an essential element for the progress and development of Peru.

The bylaws of PRCP establish the following principles in connection with our legal practice, which constitute the cornerstones that dictate our conduct in all aspects of the exercise of the legal profession:

  1. Absolute respect for the deontological rules of our profession;
  2. Independence of our lawyers and the advice they provide with respect to the economic interests of the client, avoiding participation in them;
  3. Confidentiality;
  4. Prevention of conflicts of interest;
  5. Prohibition of the use of privileged information;
  6. Transparency in the billing of our service;
  7. Distancing from and complete repudiation of legally or morally reprehensible activities;
  8. Respect for judicial courts and authorities, and
  9. Due consideration to other lawyers.

In this context, our integrity commitment includes our firm undertaking to comply with the following essential mandatory rules:

  1. All members of PRCP, whatever their rank or occupation, must act, in all areas in which they carry out their activities, righteously and honestly, and shall behave correctly, transparently and with integrity.
  1. Our institution and our attorneys adhere to and are bound to comply with the deontological principles and ethical rules of the legal profession.
  1. Our institution does not tolerate any acts of public or private corruption. All members of PRCP are required to comply with all laws and regulation in force concerning the above matters and refrain from offering, making, promising, or authorizing, directly or indirectly, any payment, benefit or gift in favor of any person who exercises public service. Similarly, no member of PRCP shall offer, promise or authorize, directly or indirectly through third parties, any payment in favor of any person of the private sector, in order to obtain any undue benefit or advantage, whether directly or in favor of others.
  1. We will not undertake joint legal representation with law firms or attorneys that do not fulfill our ethical standards. Our clients, suppliers and collaborating colleagues will be required to expressly undertake a commitment to act ethically, in accordance with our own principles and values.
  1. All PRCP members are obliged to report to the PRCP Compliance Officer any request or insinuation involving any act of corruption, either public or private, which they may have received from any public official, governmental authority, executives of private entities or any other person, or may have otherwise become aware of such events or indicia.

This commitment to synthesizes the values ​​that have inspired and continue to inspire our legal practice since our Firm’s foundation. It is a fundamental part of the very essence of PRCP and constitutes a permanent way of actuation that does not admit exceptions.